At Front Range Pet Pals we take pride in providing caring and honest service to our clients at all times. We understand it is very hard to leave your pet’s care to someone else when you cannot be there. Check out what our clients are saying…


The_Boyz.138100212_std“I find it is stressful trying to find somebody you trust with your animals, as they are such a major part of our family.  I found Jeanie and couldn’t be more happy!  She’s loving, caring, respectful and trustworthy.  My requirements are so high as I have high maintainance dogs and she fulfills every need I have and then some. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone”

Annette – Lakewood, CO



192.138100247_std“Thank you so much for taking such great care of Simon while we are away. It really helps our peace of mind, especially our daughters that you send daily text messages about how he is doing. You do a great job with him and I really appreciate your efforts!”

Stephanie – Lakewood, CO




167.13895829_std“I will be the first to admit that our 15 year old cat is terrribly spoiled. He is used to having someone with him 24/7, so it is always hard to leave him. Before contacting Front Range Pet Pals, we tried another professional pet sitter, and upon coming home our cat was just not himself. His fur was unkempt, he walked around yowling and was very needy for a long time. The next time we left town, we called Jeanie and were so glad we did!” When we got home his fur was sleek and shiny, and he even snubbed us for about an hour before he would consent to hugs – clearly he was happy with Jeanie! Wehave since added two new kitties and they love Jeanie as much as Spike does.  In fact, I may be a little jealous by how much they love her! Of course I’m teasing every pet parent hopes to find a sitter that loves their pets as much as their own family. In Front Range Pet Pals we have truly found that!  Jeanie sends texts and pictures while we are gone so we never have to wonder how our kitties are doing.  The last time she was here we got about 2 feet of snow, and not only did she not miss a visit, she was able to arrange for a snow removal service to shovel the walks and drive so that we didn’t come home to a slushy, icy mess.  I have no reservations whatsoever in highly recommending Front Range Pet Pals, and I wouldn’t think og calling anyone else for my boys!”

Pam and the boys – Lakewood, CO


181.13895930_std“Jeanie, you are the best! Thank you so much for taking such good care of our kitties, our vacation was worry free!  With Biggie’s advancing age, diabetes, and the medical issues that go with it, we were a little worried about him with our vacation coming up… which would prove the point that worry is a waste of energy!    Biggie had a spring in his step and a twinkle in his eye when we got home late Friday night!  Now part of that might be the effects of his new blood pressure medicine, but mostly I believe it is your excellent care! Our furry family members spoke very highly of you, Al even seems to be pining for you! I cannot thank you enough!!!”

Andrea – Littleton, CO




Godfrey_deering.138100055_std“My husband and I quit going on vacations when our senior dog was unable to go with us, we just couldn’t stand the thought of leaving her behind! We recently had a family emergency and had no choice, so we contacted Front Range Pet Pals. I couldn’t be happier, and I can’t say enough about Jeanie! She is caring, considerate and really listened to our concerns.  Our old girl very much approves of her as well. When we came home she seemed content and happy, and well cared for! This service has really freed us up to not only get away once in awhile, but to not stress and enjoy getting away! I can confidently reccomend Front Range Pet Pals to anyone and everyone that wants exceptional care for their pets!

Chellie – Littleton, CO


Skinner_Dexter.163192351_std“If you love your 4-legged children you will love the service provided by Front Range Pet Pals.  My husband and I went out of town over the Memorial Day Weekend.  One of our three cats is of advanced age who needs to be fed moist cat food only.  I was so worried until I met Jeanie.  She is very knowledgeable, professional, and caring.  

After meeting with her I knew that I had nothing to worry about.  She cares for your “kids” like they are her own, sends daily messages on how they fare and leaves a log of their condition and how they are reacting to being on their own.

I definitely recommend Front Range Pet Pals.  Jeanie is wonderful and I will definitely use her service again.”Karen – Littleton, CO



rowley.17985540_std“I would highly recommend Front Range Pet Pals for pet care. We tried another pet care provider and it was like night and day. It’s always very hard to leave our “kids” and entrust in someone else to take care of them as we would.  Our cat has special needs now with his diabetes and I can be very neurotic about my “babies”. I am so thrilled to to have found someone that I can rely on and trust to take the best care of my “kids”.  I also love that Jeanie informs us after each visit and the visit logs she leaves at the house for us are great!! Quality, reliable, trustworthy, caring, I could go on forever! “

Sydney – Lakewood, CO


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